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 About Specialty Fasteners

Specialty Fasteners was established in 1981 and has since become one of the top distributors of specialized fasteners for any project in the commercial or private sector. We have thousands of satisfied customers throughout North America as well as Europe and have become the leading supplier of restoration fasteners in the Canadian market.

We sell tooling, large or small, taps, dies, drill bits, compounds, anti-seize, wrenches.

We offer assistance when choosing fasteners, as not all pieces will work with another. Fasteners come in all different materials, and it's best to ask what will be compatible.

We also sell to the construction industry, and can drop-ship to other locations or project sites.

We can provide pipe fittings in different materials too.

Best of all, if it's not out there, WE CAN MAKE IT!

Specialty Fasteners carries a large variety of fasteners for virtually any need, as well as stainless steel fasteners, both plain and polished. Dress up kits are available for all Harley, Suzuki, Norton, Triumph, BSA, Royal Enfield and some Honda motorcycles.

Specialty Fasteners manufacture and sell engine kits for classic cars.

The restoration shops that buy our products demand only the best in fasteners and they buy ours. We've got the consistent quality that has produced winners at Pebble Beach and Meadow Brook Concours year after year. We've used our products on our own show vehicles to win numerous 1st place and Best of Show awards.

At Specialty Fasteners we carry the best in chrome, stainless steel and polished stainless steel products. For everything from the hard to find chrome, stainless steel and polished stainless steel fastener to your everyday needs, make us your preferred supplier of chrome, stainless steel and polished stainless steel products.

Specialty Fasteners has no minimum order--we'll sell just what you need and ship F.O.B. Windsor, Ontario Canada by U.P.S.

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Note: Please don't ask us for a catalog. We don't have one... Our inventory of fasteners is so varied and is constantly increasing that we couldn't possibly keep up.